Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people continue to face discrimination and persecution across the world, with numerous governments denying rights and freedoms to their LGBT citizens. Homosexuality continues to be a criminal offence in 70 countries, and 8 of these countries carry the death penalty as a maximum sentence.  Even in countries where homosexuality is not criminalised LGBT individuals and groups experience constant abuse and censorship, often sponsored by the state through a lack of protections for minorities, measures that deny access to information and healthcare, and suppression of the freedom of expression and assembly.  Denying such rights to a significant section of the population can lead to disengagement with the public sphere and restrict effective modernisation through an active citizenry. 

The Global LGBT Rights and Citizenship project will evaluate how active and engaged citizenship can be enhanced through improved rights for LGBT people around the world, and will identify effective policy interventions and solutions that cement fundamental citizenship rights for the global LGBT community.