Comment on first report of Global Development Challenge

New research projects

The Project for Modern Democracy will be running three new research projects starting in early 2018.

Planning Change

Our Planning Change project will consider the radical planning reform needed to enable more homes to be built while maintaining essential countryside protections.

Morality and Markets

Our Morality and Markets project will consider how capitalism and free markets can be made to work for everyone in the age of globalisation. 

Justice and Security

Our Justice and Security project will explore the reforms needed to deliver justice and keep citizens safe in a world of changing threats. 

These are in addition to our three existing projects:

Modern Government

Our GovernUp project is considering the far-reaching reforms needed in Whitehall and beyond to enable more effective and efficient government.

Global Development Challenge

Our Global Development Challenge project is investigating the effectiveness of foreign aid in promoting international development.

Global LGBT Rights and Citizenship

Our Global LGBT Rights & Citizenship project is evaluating how active and engaged citizenship can be enhanced through improved rights for LGBT people around the world. We also work with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights.

Further information about our research projects can be found here.